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  • Consumer Online Privacy Survey– In our increasingly tech dominated world, Internet users spanning every generation are turning to the Internet to communicate, socialize, pay bills and manage everyday affairs at an exponential rate while creating—often unknowingly—very detailed profiles of themselves with every click of a key.  Click here to read more about this survey and what it found about consumers’ awareness of online privacy issues.
  • 2008 Online Safety Survey – In the spring of 2008 RT Strategies conducted a survey for Consumer Policy Solutions examining current online trends, behaviors and perceptions. The purpose of the survey was to gain a better understanding of consumers’ online safety knowledge, practices and emerging concerns.  Click here for more information about this survey and what it revealed.
  • Consumers and Online Privacy – Webster’s dictionary defines privacy, as something that is “not open” or “not intended for the public”, “confidential” or “not publicly or generally known.”  There are also other, more commonly understood definitions of privacy, such as the ability of an individual or group to seclude information about themselves from others.  The boundaries and content of what is considered private differs among cultures, religious communities, and generations.  Click here for some generals tips on how to protect your privacy online.
  • Online Privacy for Kids and Teens – The online world presents a challenge to the privacy of today’s generation of kids and teens .  An online safety survey revealed that of the different generations – teens, parents and older adults – teens are viewed as the most vulnerable demographic group on the Internet.  The same survey found that parents and teens in the same household have different ideas about how much parents know about what their teen is doing online.  52% of parents say they sit alongside their teenager whenever they are online to monitor activity; but only 33% of teens in those same households confirm that.  For more discussion and tips on how to keep teens and kids safe online, click here.
  • For more detailed information about protecting your privacy online, please visit the TRUSTe Site.
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